Wednesday, January 8, 2014

alive and kickin'

Sorry guys.
I did not post anything for a few weeks because I was stuck in some private business. But I guess you had nice holidays without my stupid little this and thats.
But now we are back. It will take a while until I have news and photos again, but please keep on visting from time to time. Some cool shit is coming ahead.
For now the announcement of the date for
Choppertown Sideshow 2014
September 6.
please mark your agenda.

and a peek into my new workplace. Parts for the build are coming in and Iam playing with ideas. Giel did a fantastic job on the frame, which was actually worst than expected.

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  1. You can;t say "worse than expected" it should read "better than expected" or "worse", just saying oh and nobody corrects me when i write "Deutch" either..otherwise keep up the good work.