Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kick off for the Choppertown Sideshow Tribute bike

I want to start something new. I was going to build something out of the parts I still have from my crashed bike. Plan is now to make it a tribute bike for the Choppertown Sideshow. Side effect hopefully will be that I put on some pressure to myselfs to finish the bike in time for the Sideshow 2014. Thats why I going to make posts here about the progress. Lets wait and see what will happen....

The build so far: I bought a frame in the US. Ironhead late '60. The basic frame is untouched, no rake or stretch, but it has a formerly bolt-on hardtail that someone in the '70 welded on. This guy also shortend the seat posts. Result is a new line, like a normal aftermarket rigid chopper frame. That is good. But bad is, that the welding is very poor and that the bottom section shows deep corrosion.
I consulted Giel of the Garage Maniacs, because he is a remarkable talented welder. We checked the details and realized that some of the tubings got so weak that we need to replace them.      
In the meantime I will get the tubes of the frontend hardchromed and the rest of it powder coated or polished, wheel overhauled and the triple tree made to fit. Oh yeah, something I have to mention: it is fork and wheel of a '72 Yamaha dirt bike. 21" with drum brake, 34mm tubes.
More to follow.......

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