Thursday, June 30, 2011

camping alert

Guys, "Blaue Lagune" is running out of spaces. Just one or two free spots for a tent left and 4-5 spaces for vans. If you need a place you should hurry up.
Of course there are other camping grounds, but this is the hip place.
I will post a alternative adress on the hospitality site.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one more winner...

Le Beef, Mattias Anderson from Sweden will bring his latest build, a contest winning bike too.
What a lineup!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Johnny did it again...

Our friend Johnny again won the bike contest at the Hamburg Harley Days.
His interpretation of the boardtracker theme is taking it to a high end level
Congrats buddy.
Oh yeah- he will be on our meeting too. Bringing some bikes of his new Vintage Racer series.

Friday, June 24, 2011

pre party

We guess that some of you guys, coming from more far distances will arrive one or maybe a few days before the actual day.
Thats why we have the plan to do a pre party on friday night. So keep this in mind if you are around on the 15th. Dont expect a big event, it will be a old school pub night with good beer and music. Maybe a small live act?

And if you are in the area on wednesday 13. July and want to join the Nuerburgring tour, please let us know now. We need to make a plan for this in time.
There is a little program with Rico on Thursday also. If you are interested- let us know.
All this actions are limited to max. 10 people. So please, register in time.

RNO confirmed

We just got the confirmation that Arno of RNO Cycles will present his latest work at the meeting. Cant wait to see what he did build this time. It is allways amazing and diffrent from all the rest.
The Lucky Bastard

The Guzzy Brat Tracker

Rico's Königswellen bike

Here is another picture of the bike LSL is contributing for the Nuerburgrind experience.

Check out the other LSL projects here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

one week later

Thanks everybody for the cheering comments, messages and phone calls after the crash.
Yesterday I decided to break Doctors rules and got me a lift to my garage to see myselfs what happend to the bike.
First idea when I saw it was: I have seen worst before. But then I checked out some details and found out that the backbone of frame is bend and the lower section moved about 1" to the back.
Not sure if this damaged something of the engine. The taxator will find out all this.
And my beloved exhaust is fucked up to. But my "California uber alles" stack cover survived. Dont know how, because the all rest of this side is damaged by the slide on the asphalt.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pangea speed

Andy Carter from Salt Lake City is Pangea Speed. He did send some goodies too.
Thanks Andy. We hope you can be with us next year.

what about Rico?

Some guys are wondering why the Ricometer is not moving.
Please see the "all about the money" post a few days ago.
But does this mean the FFTF failed and Rico is not coming?
His trailer is booked at the "Blaue Lagune"- the Nürburgring trip is safe- and the flight tickets are booked.

We prepayed all this on our own risk, but we are looking forward with confidence that you guys attend our event and support us somehow.
And of course, we are looking forward to spend a hell of a time with Rico.

Monday, June 20, 2011

church of choppers goodies

Church of Choppers did send a box full of goodies. Backpacks and t-shirts will be in our Raffle.
Check out their blog and also check out the blackbike radio. More about this on
Thanks Jeff!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The long ride to Bottrop.......... NOT!!

Last saturday was a fine day to take our bikes off to the Kustom Kulture show in Bottrop, Germany. The weather forcast was not too good, but hey, a chopper's made to ride!
The ride was a short one. After the first gas stop my gear box passed out...... Damn!! I tried to fix it on site , but wasn't able to do so without the right parts. Buddy Martin picked me up, took the bike back to my garage and we where forced to take the car to Germany...
To bad we were visitors today instead of being a part of the show. But it was a cool day after all and we met a lot of our supporting companies again. Now it's back to the garage for me. Got me a gearbox to fix!

Thinking about all this..... It's not our lucky week Lutz!

its all about the money

I think it is time to explain something essential about our case. Some guys are complaining that there is to much buzz on our blog about money. Selling t-shirts or raffle tickets, having a auction, asking for support.......

Guilty! All this is going on, but is anyone making profit by this? No!!! Our event is completly non-profit. We try to organize an event on a professional level without having a budget at all. Just me and the friends of the QL are taking all the risk with our own money. But we are no rich people, just working men and we all have to feed our familys. Thats why we try to find a way to get to a break even somehow. Non of the supporting companys is a real sponsor. Just small stuff for the raffle. We have no shopping mile where 50 or more dealers pay for their booth. No one pays for entrance. And when you buy a FFTF t-shirt from us, the 5.- profit will be used for Ricos trip.
We are selling drinks and food, yes true. But how much can we sell in a few hours?
The bands play for free and most of the work is on the shoulders of volounteers.
This event is from the people-for the people. And it is a bad joke, that one of the very few non commercial, independent Chopper events is blamed for greed. Who ever is saying so: please tell it face to face to me or one of the volounteers who is spending many,many hours for this case.

If you like our activities we appreciate your support. Please go ahead and buy tshirts, offer some money in the auction, buy raffle tickets or just donate. It really helps and what goes around comes around.
If you have a problem with this- just fuck off.

By the way- the FFTF is doing good but not good enough.
We have the t- shirts with the new design for sale now and still the FFTF. All items of the auction are still availeable, sad but true: not even one offer came in. Sorry Rico.

We dont need drags, lets go for it. CNM2011 will be a cracker.

Friday, June 17, 2011

good medicine

After the shock of the crash I need a lot of medicine. Lucky that our supporters, the local beer brand n'Blondes now bottled a special edition for the meeting:
the nation's oil
it will be availeable in the wooden sixpack and, limited in 2 and 3 liter magnum bottles. This is just a first pre released photo. More to follow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one kick, one smile, one......

Yesterday afternoon.
The bike was finally finished. I picked it up. Amazing ride, good weather, everything was fine.
After 30 km a short stop at my house. Little oil spill, so I made the desicion that it is enough for today. Just 4 more km to go to my garage.




A women did run into me with her car. She said she did not see me. I was in hospital, but nothing serious. Lucky me, the Mojo Box worked. Just cuts and bruises.

The bike? Completely fucked up. I did not see it yet, but the guys who picked it up told me that frame, fork, wheels and all the rest is totally damaged.

Guys, please take care.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

close up of the hog

Someone asked, so here are 2 close ups of the hog.
It will be at the meet. So you have the chance to shoot your own surfer pics.

Monday, June 13, 2011

hog surfin'

Yesterday I framed some of the photographs that Josh Kurpius did send for the exhibition at the meeting. One is from my favourite batch of his work, showing Turk surfing on his bike.
Iam always fascinated when I see pictures of the young dudes doing this dangerous stunt. I never could do this. Okay, Iam an old fart now and maybe to tired. And Gemany is not the country for doing acts like this, these days. But Iam pretty sure that I wouldnt have done this when I was a younger coward.
Than I found this plate laying in the garage.

And I had the inspiration to do my own way of the trick. Now I have my personal hog surfer pics.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here are bad news: the Moonshine Gamblers are not going to be the band for our party night.

And now some good news: we found a band that is more than just a cover up. We proudly present:

Düsselsdorfs finest Countrybillyswamprock band just released their 4. album: Big time in Voodooville.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Right..... let's see........ ; Good mood - check

Sleeping bag - check

Bag of tools - check

Chopper - ........ oh shit!

I know some guys here in the Netherlands who are still building on their choppers. Their deadline is the Choppertown Nation Meeting on the 16th of July. Cool!! I know you guys can do it !!