Monday, May 30, 2011

FFTF auction item#5

Notmany words for this. The highlight of the auction. See Ricos description.

Jacket: Driven by Jason Jessee

Size 58-XL , shoulder 60cm, lenght back 70 cm, front 66cm

Starting price 50.-Euros. Rules as in the items 1-4

Happy faces

Good to see our buddy Andrew happy.
Congrats for your new bike.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

FFTF auction item#4

Hardware! Shifter peg, limited edtion. And we put a FFTF t-shirt on top.

Starting price for shifter peg + tee: 30.- Euros

Saturday, May 28, 2011

FFTF auction item#3

Rico's description is for 2 worker shirts. Here is the first one.

Has some stains. But it is a used worker shirt from Rico, so what?

Size XL shoulder from side to side 53cm, front straight from side to side 69cm

Starting price: 25.- Euros .
And again: please bid in 5.- steps. By email to

Rules: paypal 3 days and bla,bla,bla.... as in #1

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the forest spawned..........


The official Choppertown Nation Meeting Tee 2011!!
yes, you want one!!

All orders and info to

- Germany 20.-Euro (incl. shipping)

- BENELUX 26.- Euro (incl. shipping)

- Rest of the world: on request

If someone does a collect order it is 15,- p. t-shirt and 15.- for shipping up to 8 shirts, 20,- for more than 8.

Friday, May 20, 2011

FFTF auction item#2

Okay, here is something else. This is one of Ricos personal longsleeves. Olive in colour, Size XL.
Small print on the front, large on the back.

Imagine your favourite fantasy is wearing only this.

Uhhh, but maybe not a good idea for the most of us, if in this fantasy is Rico. Lets have another picture: imagine your favourite fantasy woman only wears this....
And now bid!
We start with 10.- Euros. Bids of +5.- a step by email to
Rules as said before: paypal after the auction, 3 days.

we show our flag

Kaldenkirchen is a small town. But we want to make it Choppertown- at least for one day.
Our buddies Pepe and Mark own another house in the middle of that place. There is a shop in the basement. The boys had the idea to show our flag and let the citizens know whats coming up. The window is decorated now.
As you can see in the reflections, its in direkt oposition to the church entrance. Well, what do they think when are coming out and read Choppertown the Sinners? I love it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FFTF auction item #1

Lets start with a bang....
Please see Rico's own description.

This is a grey shirt, short sleeve, size XXL

worn by Rico, so it is used but not used up.

Measures approx. shoulder straight side to side= 53 cm, Front side to side in the mid 69cm

Starting price is: 25.- Euros

Rules: please bid in 5.- Euro steps. Send your offer by email to
We will show the highest offer here on this site every now and than and we keep the right to stop the auction on any time.

Payment by paypal after the auction is closed. Has to be done inbetween 3 days.

Good luck.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the ultimate FFTF auction is coming

Be prepared! This is a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on some absolutely rare memorablia.
Rico did hand over some one of a kind items to us. We will sell this in a auction to raise the rest of the money we need for the FFTF.
There are HiBondModified shirts, Originals the guys did wear at work in the garage. Real rare stuff. And Ricos personal Drag Team jacket, custom made by Jason Jessee. Some limited edition parts, and, and, and...

The action will start this week. A new item every day. So, please follow the cause.

Details will be announced.

starting time

Please keep in mind: the event starts 2pm (14:00) Saturday 16. July. Please give us the chance to prepare everything that morning. Dont come early. Thank you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the clubman

Not a chopper, but perfect for the Green Hell.
Watch out for more.

Got a shirt? Go for more...

Rumblers bbq

We did spend a nice day in Essen. Some old and some new friends.
Thanks to the Rumblers.

This nice engine object stands in
the motor-classics shop

beards and cool denim

more beard and denim

this sucker grows a beard too

flake kings

madeira drive

the Tiki king and Tran21

one man band

Saturday, May 14, 2011

fuck this- no ride (today)

Sorry guys, today I have to go on 4 wheels again. Some unexpected findings yesterday. Its a beauty, yes- but beauty does not make miles.
We will keep on. See you on the road soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To hell with Rico...

Oooh noooo- not what you are thinking.... we are looking forward to complete our mission and bring Father Fury to the meet. But only for one day would not be enough. Now we are making plans for a nice little program before and after d-day.
The hell we are about is the "green hell" aka the Nuerburgring race track.
This is the most famous track in the world and maybe still the most exciting. Build in 1927 all the heros of racing made their own experiences with this unique track in a great landscape. Even the trip down there through the Eifel hills is an adventure. Some roads are so dangerous that they are closed for motorcycles now, because of to many deadly crashes in the past.Some days the Ring is open for private riders and drivers. We are sure that Rico will love this, but does he bring a bike? No. Does that mean we cant? No!

A famous German company producing quality motorcycle parts is LSL . Please check out what they are standing for here.

One of the latest projects is the new Kawasaki Clubman Retro kit. Jochen, the owner and Detlef who is one of our friends agreed to give Rico one of the bikes for this ride!

The idea is that we build a group of bikes, go to Krefeld to pick up the bike and do the ride to the Ring together. That can happen on the 13. or the 15. July. If you want to join in, let us know.

We will do a few more posts about this.

Here is a peek view to the engine of that bike:

Want to support? Buy a FFTF t-shirt! You have one? Okay, buy a second one. It will be a long summer...

emergency room

We already introduced the Motor-Classics shop to you. This is how the will be part of the cnm:
the motorcycle emergency room.

Yes guys, as we all know our rides sometimes make problems in the worst moment. If this happens to you on your way to the cnm, we will help. Günter and Rolf of Classic Motor will bring a mobile work shop and some consumable/standart parts and assist with all their skills to bring you back on the road. And even in the worst case- they will take care of your ride.
A few days before d-day we will post a telephone number on our blogs. If something happens you can call this number and we will pick you up, but please only in 50km range around Nettetal orin real need.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Flakes

Our supporters and friends the FLAKE KINGS are very busy these days. The Westlake Speedway bike is coming together, new t-shirts and much more glittering, glimmering activities.
We are very curious about what they will bring to cnm....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garage Maniacs Photo-Expo Update

Now here's a nice update about the Garage Maniacs Photo Expo. Next to pictures from Sven de Wilde, Maurice van de Tillaard and Limpe Iven there will be cool shots from no one less than then Josh Kurpius! Josh will not join the party but was very happy to send us some of his cool work! Thank's Josh!
Watch him on Kemosabe and the lodge and Josh Kurpius .com


Thursday, May 5, 2011

fuck this lets ride

Come on guys, lets do it.

Well, I know some call it stupid but I call it confidence. Pit and I working hard to get my bike finished before this date. And we know it will be last minute. Maybe not even enough time for test rides.

Anyone in for that ride down to Essen?
My invitaion is: who ever wants to go with us should be here on Saturday 14. about noon. We will leave on 1pm.
Motor Classics, Tilburger Str.4, 41751 Viersen, Germany.
I will be there anyway. Hopefully on two wheels...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Guarded night parking!
Yes, boys and girls. We want you to get safe into your sleeping bags or beds after the party.
You want to have a few beers for pretty sure, but because you love your ride you want to have it secured over the night also. Well, we know this problem and thats why we got a theft secured parking lot very close to the event spot. High stone walls around it, a strong steel door and there will be a guard all night long.
More details on the hospitality site soon.

new supporter on board

We have the pleasure to introduce a new supporter:
motor classics
this shop, operated by Günter Bahnen and Rolf Lenzen is located in Viersen-Dülken. Distance from Nettetal app. 6km. Nice shop with a good variety of HD bikes and a professional workshop.
What they will do at the meeting will be announced later. Watch out.