Friday, April 29, 2011


The German Custombike Magazine asked me to write a column. Therefore I skipped through my very few memorables and pics from the time I got into choppers. I found this photograph of the first chopper I saw for real. That was in Denmark '71.

In '74 my 18 birthday was in reach and so the drivers licence. Just one more year. Time to buy a BSA and the catalogue of the only Chopper parts supplier in Germany back than: AME
I found this nice original copy in a drawer and decided to share this with all you lucky born late.

Yes kids, that was all we got.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

lowbrow customs swag

Lowbrow Customs did send a box full of goodies for our raffle.
Watch out for more great prices to win.

If you ever been busy with a homebuild kustom you know Lowbrow for sure. They have all the nice little parts you need. Please check 'em out.

New blog!

We are receiving requests regarding places to stay overnight at the CNM.

The easiest way to communicate all the facts and news about rooms, camping, services and routings is to make this an extra blog.

Today we launched the CNM Hospitality blog for this reason.

Please use the direct link or the button to get there.

If you need something you dont find there, let us know.

We are looking forward to see you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Let me introduce some friends to you. The VeniceVintageMotorcycleClub.
Californian lifestyle at its best. Located in Venice Beach,CA these guys enjoying their life. This club is wellknown for the weekly barhopper run on wednesdays (doing at least 4 bars in a row) and the monthly canyon run, that is a ride out in the greater Los Angeles area with about 70 bikes joining in. And sometimes even EwanMcGregor in this bunch. Our good friend and Choppertown director Scott is leader of the pack most of the times. And be aware- he rides the shit out of the Harbortown Bobber.
One of the barhopper targets. nice place, good music and PBR

Shannon Sweeney, who is running a motorcycle shop in Venice is "El capitan" of the VVMC.

Many of the customers of his shop have very smll mirrors mounted on the handlebar ends of their scoots, coming from Shannon.

He found a type of mirrors, produced originally for BMX bicycles, that have an amazing wide angle view over two lanes at least. He modifies them for motorcycle use. And they are perfect.

He will send a few to us, so you have the chance to buy them for a small $, or even win one in our raffle.

If you are going to LA, visit his shop and find out when the next run will happen. Maybe you can join? And also watch out for their next event.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

men on a mission

The 2 most important supporters of our case are Pepe and Mark, owners of the Quartier Latin. This pub is the center of the CNM again and we would not be able doing this without this men. But it is not the business that drives the brothers. It is their passion for motorcycles. They have a nice little collection of bikes in their hidden shed. No fancy stuff and not of a particular style, but with a lot of soul. And regarding the English racing bikes from the old times- a lot of balls. By the way in a couple of days the other big event around the QL is happening: the "Springjam" Open Air music festival. 2 days full of RnR. Check out the hp for more.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

new flyer

See the new flyer now here first. This is the front print. Flipside will be shown later. Again Sik delivered an amazing design. Thanks, mate.

Pinstriping action for FFTF

Folks, check this pics out. Isnt that cool? Remember, 2 aircraft service trolleys have been donated and been painted live at the Tattoo Ink Explosion 2 last weekend. Than there was an auction for our FFTF. Well, this is the result of the work performed by the German pinstriping artists Maze and Tran21.

The result of the auction and the t-shirt sale will be announced later.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hell yeah!! After being to the bike show in Texas Rico couldn't resist the ride to New York City! Check the Rico-Meter on top of this page folks!! He's waiting for a flight!! So buy more FFTF shirts or raffle tickets and get Rico to the party!!
We can do it!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hagen (Madeira Drive) and I had some tough days recently. So we decided to take a time out. We went to Barcelona this weekend to have some fun and to meet a few of our buddies and CNM supporters on this occasion. Here are some takeout pics to give you an idea about this nice event. The better ones will be featured in the custombike mag and on the nation soon. Watch out for that. Statement
My favourite did stand in front of our hotel This boys bought our support tees on saturday and been seen wearing them next day, cool.

we had joy,we had fun,we had seasons in the sun...

Spotting the spotter

Tattoo Ink Explosion

Last friday till sunday our friend Andy (Bodyelectric) hosted the fantastic tattoo event we mentioned before. What an event! Amazing -Artists from all over the world showed their skills. Music, food whatever.... And there was the fundraiser auction for our FFTF. How this ended? Stay tuned- we will announce soon. And of course our support t-shirts been for sale too. If you still dont have one you should get one soon. The first batch is almost sold. Yes, it is Hannah Atchison in front.
Yes, it is Andy and Claudia
And yes, it is the famous t-shirt on the right.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More music

We want to entertain you! Another band just signed in: the Romantic Tomcats This boys will be a walking act. I really look forward for this. Please go to their site to find out more.


Normally I do not post private themes. But this time it has to be made. Yesterday was Sik's birthday- a hooray for this. On monday he got an early gift, so welcome our new buddy: Dean is in da house!!!!!! All the best to Inge. Sik, you are a lucky man.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winchester 2010

Here is some eyecandy (and a bunch of freaks) from last years Hippy Killer Hoedown. Dont miss it this time, April 16. Winchester, CA . Wild West Arena Andrea, photo by Chopperdave

Riverside Slim, Mark and some guys I dont know about who the are