Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Hollidays 2010
Thanks for your friendship and support!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flake The World!!

The Masters of sparkle, the Lords of glitter, the Dudes of Tinsel!!
It's the.....


Now it's pretty simple; you like metalflake stuff, you buy it at Flakekings's!
Helmets, grips, rattlecans you name it.
Want a bubble visor with that special pin striped helmet?
No problem, they've got them in all possible colors!
And the've got a pretty cool collection of Flakekings merchandise too!

As so many of the supporters of this meeting these guys are not just bussinesmen.
They ride and build some of the coolest bikes, custom cars and Hot-rods.
Meet them at the Choppertown Nation Meeting 2011!

Oh man, I want one of those cool
blue Flakekings Trucker Hats!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Rico-meter!!

All right, things are starting to take off! The raffle tickets are for sale at for 2 euro's each, and every donation is very welcome. Read more about The Father Fury Travelling Fund here. And there's more comming up!

Here on top is the one and only genuine Rico-meter!! And yes, he's waiting in L.A. to take off and start his epic journey to Kaldenkirchen and have one great party with all of us!

Now, the more money we raise, the closer he will get to Germany. So check it every now and then to see where we're at.

Hippy Killer Garage Company

It is a great pleasure to have Kutty in our supporter lineup for the 3rd time. He and his family became friends over the last years and of course he is a member of the Nation.

His bikes are recognized all over the world and the parts he makes always have a little "something special".

His history is well known and published in every important motorcycle magazine.

And again there is a good women besides a great man. Beautiful Jamie was on many of the photos.

Please check out

Oh yeah, and I really recommend that you should visit his "Hippy Killer Hoedown" in Winchester,CA if you are in California on April 16. 2011. This party rocks!

Kutty and his father Jim "Bones"


Lifting the lid!

Okay guys I know- that was not a real secret. Just 3 minutes after the release of the "Mysterious Guest" post someone commented and for sure everybody knew whom this is about anyway.
Of course the man we want to invite to our party is:
the famous member of the Sinners, legendary bike builder, rough rider and party animal

Rico Fodrey a.k.a Father Fury

He confirmed that he will be ready to join us. And he is going to bring a special trophy, made by himselfs for the bike contest.

As mentioned in the MG post, we need to raise the money for his trip over here.

FFTW (FatherFuryTravellingFund).

For more Details see the initial post.

To display the progress of this fundraiser we will launch the Rico-meter. Please check this frequently.

And for those who like to show the world that they are "True Heros" we will sell a FFTF t-shirt and some stickers soon.

Watch out for more.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Madeira Drive Dusseldorf

Our buddy from the Nation, Hagen is the owner of the Madeira Drive in Dusseldorf. He also is connected to our event from the beginning. Hagen and , of course, his wife Ilona are not just supporters, they are an important part of the whole cause.

Whenever you come to Dusseldorf you should not miss the chance to visit the shop. You will find all kinds of garment including vintage clothing, helmets, motorcycle parts, magazines, DVD's and a lot more. He is selling Hippy Killer and Lowbrow goods and provides an order service for several aftermarket distributors.

On weekends Hagen attends many quality events with his booth, so if you see him out there- go and check out the man and his business.