Wednesday, April 22, 2015

VANS supporting again.

More swag! Vans did send a box of goodies too. Shirts, caps sunglasses and more. Thank you guys.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lowbrow Customs. We love it.

Lowbrow Customs. One of the finest suppliers of the backyard builders around the world is supporting our event from almost the beginning. This year another box of swag arrived. We will use it in the very best way and you guys have the chance to get your hands on it when you visit us at the Sideshow of the promotional events in advance.
Support those who support!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Its all about nothing......

Well before we change to an all new setup I want to take the chance and tell the new guys who are checking out this blog what this is about. About 10 years ago TV shows hyped JJ, OCC, Billy Lane and many more. Choppers became a high priced industry and the builders "Rockstars". In 2005 the movie Choppertown by Zack (Coffman) and Scott (Di Lalla) was kind of re-awakening for many of us. We realized that backyard building of motorcycles is something that is still going on all over the world and that it is pretty cool too.
Take what you got and make it something nice, together with your buddies. The "Sinners" became kind of icons for this philosophy because of the film. I had the chance to meet the film makers and the performers and was involved somehow pretty fast. When Zack and Scott came to Europe I joined their trip for some time and later I presented Choppertown on events. At that time the guys from the One World Studios also founded the "Choppertown Nation" a social network for the garage builders.
The best pub in the area where I live is the "Quartier Latin" in Kaldenkirchen. Whenever I was there, common talk at the bar was about the parties and motrocycle fairs I visited for Choppertown, the last "Nation" news and of course Choppers. Mark, one of the owners asked one day if there is a chance to create an event from all this in our town too. I liked the idea to bring people I met at the "Nation" together in real life  and we started to go for the first meeting in 2009.
It was heavy raining that day. About 30-40 bikes showed up and left early again, but it was good fun. Over the6 years since than the event became much bigger. We changed the name to "Choppertown Sideshow" and created an image around this name which is a well known brand for a Chopper Meeting full of heart and soul. We kept it a free event. No entrance is to be paid and no cheap commerce to be found. The venue is the streets around the pub and its right in the middle of that sleepy little town near to the German/Dutch border. It is amazing that the locals let us do this, but because we are a family event no one has bad feelings about us. With support of some very good friends I work on this event all year long. Most valuable reward for this is, that the press now is headlining that we make this small town "Choppertown" for one day.
Hope to see you there for Choppertown Sideshow#7
Lutz (no saint) Tiemann

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dieter Bornschlegel #guruguru#

Heute mal in Deutsch. Leute, die Reiferen unterEuch kennen noch die legendere deutsche Band GuruGuru. Jetzt habt ihr die Gelegenheit den Gitarristen dieser Band Dieter Bornschlegel live zu sehen und dass auch noch im Quartier Latin und für umme!
Also: 8.11.2014, 20h Bahnhofstr. 60, 41334 Nettetal. Wir sehen uns!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Paul Cox Industries

I made a small feature and some pics about PCI for a magazine. Now it turned out that they dont want it. Well, i can live with this and now I share some of it here with you. More photos of the Sideshow will come up in a few days.